Since 2012, I have been photographing my sister and younger female cousins.

My sister and I are 7 years apart. Being so much older, I was in college when she started middle school, and really beginning to figure out who she was. I also have four younger female cousins who are all very close, and all around the same age. As I was struggling to figure out who I was “as an artist” away from my home and in art school, I began photographing my cousins who were only a short train ride away. What initially interested me was what felt like the start of a sense of “self,” and seeing that journey, specifically from a female perspective, develop, and in what ways it differed from my own adolescence, but also paralleled what I was feeling at school.

Since then, I have taken hundreds of photos of my sister and cousins. The photos range in terms of how candid or composed they are as my interests and their habits have changed.

This year my sister started college. While I plan on continuing photographing her and my cousins, I feel the work transitioning.

Olivia Glennon works out of Boston, MA. Contact her.